The Doctor is in – your robot will see you now…

June 29, 2007…  Less than ten years ago.  This was the day the iPhone was released.  How the world has changed since then…

The pace of this change is exponential. Think explosive. Think accelerating. Think of the Gemino Curse which almost killed Harry Potter when raiding a vault in Gringott’s Bank.  A nifty dramatisation of compounding interest in which golden objects duplicated themselves recursively, in a swift attempt to drown intruders in gold.

The number of authors highlighting dangers in their sector is also growing. Sir Michael Barber et al., outline a coming avalanche in education, to name one example. Richard and Daniel Susskind go much further in their scholarly masterpiece:  The future of the professions. Looking beyond sectors, they cut to the heart of the issue and highlight how the historical d

rivers for the creation and maintenance of professions are ripe for disruption; and that this disruption is all too easily achieved.


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